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Rotary Grinders

Blanchard Grinders

Rotary GrindingBlanchard GrindersThe Blanchard shown here is one of two in existence, as of 1997. Specifically, ordered with a 300 horse power geared head for heavy stock removal. This machine can grind up to 164″ cross corner by 60″ high. Additional Rotary Grinding equipment includes10 Blanchards ranging from 42″ to 96″.

Surface Grinding

Mattison Grinder

This surface grinder has a 36″ x 82″ work area with 28″ under the wheel. With this machine we are able to grind parallel within .0002 tenths. Additional surface grinding equipment include 5 Mattisons ranging from 48″ to 140″.

Planer Mill

The Giddings and Lewis Planer Mill is capable of 16′ of travel, 64″ wide and 64″ tall. Equipped with a magnetic chuck for easier setups and quicker turnaround time.